Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Postcards for swap -finished!

My postcards for the swap are finished (except for addressing, etc.), and I'm relieved to have these done.

Working on ATP's for that swap. Basics are completed, just doing some beading.

Have been working on new postcards and quilted a small piece from discharged fabric.

Still have not returned to the quilt for the quilt swap, but soon, soon.

My list of projects "to do" continues to outpace my completed projects.


  1. oh, you and Lisa finished, I haven't started mine yet,

  2. Yep, all done except for addressing them. However, if you've been reading the QA list, it appears that there may be trouble on the horizon as far as mailing them goes.

  3. I haven't started mine yet either. Sigh.

    And I only ever skim the QA list. I can't stand to read every message on there or I start wanting to throw my 'puter out the window. What's up with mailing troubles??


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