Monday, June 10, 2019

And Away We Go

Mail:  I'm almost caught up with answering letters! 

Incoming Mail

Outgoing Mail 

Garden:  Still a work in progress, and I keep finding things I need or want to do.  It doesn't help that I keep looking at Pinterest gardens.  :)

Books/Reading:  I have a bunch of posts scheduled for my book blog because I get ARCs from publishers sometimes months in advance of publication, it is difficult to remember the book unless I go ahead and write and schedule a review quickly.  I'm not sure what that says about me, or at least I don't want to confront the possibility.

Family:  Mila is sixteen and now has her driver's license!  It is much more difficult to get a license now than it was when I was young, and I'm glad they are much more stringent.  Erin, Max, and Mila are among the volunteers greeting and handing out snacks and necessities to asylum seekers at the Greyhound Station as they pass through Baton Rouge.  

Amelia, Chris, and B.E. are in Italy for another week!  They seem like they've been having a great time!

For Fun--although true.


  1. As usual, really fun and inspiring mail. Both incoming and outgoing. I used to have that same super power. But now I get rid of it immediately and look forward to regretting that in 20 years time.

    1. :) I'll trade my super power for yours, Annie! I did get a bunch of things to Goodwill a few weeks ago, but then I stalled.


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