Monday, September 24, 2018

Snail Mail


postcard from Hannah
 long, lovely letter from Anna
 Anna sent several pictures of her surroundings.
I particularly love this one of daffodils in the orchard.

 I love the postmark and dragon stamp on Chrissy's (Postmark 1206) envelope.
And I'm loving the stationery with a place for weather and date!

The postcard is from Chrissy's ABC's of Letter Writing.  :)
Her goal is "for more people to get more mail"  and
the postcard is for me to send to someone else.
It is even stamped!

You can visit her shop here.


postcard to my niece in Texas

to Annie (Scribbling Glue)
While rummaging around 
for autumn related things, 
I found a bunch of leaves I'd dried.
They have lost their color, but this year's trees
are just now beginning to "think fall" so I used a couple.

So, yeah, light and color are missing from this leaf.
Postcard to Hannah, with one of my embroidered leaves from two years ago.
I can't count the ways I messed up on this one, but 
it is going out anyway.  

I'm gearing up for Halloween Snail Mail now.

School's In


  1. Bwahahaha...I’m still laughing about the last photo! Kids think adults are so dumb and that they’re so smart! LOL. Definitely an interesting postmark. It looks like the postmark gets mail. Sometimes I take things much too literally. LOL. Lots of great mail art here. We all send out some less than perfect mail here and there. It is to prove we are not a robot.

    1. Her blog is Postmark 1206 and she has a personal stamp. I had a Bayouposte stamp made years ago, but her stamp is so professional looking! I might see about having a new one made. And I love that "note" about texting in class!

  2. I love the embroidered leaf and the quote. The black background is perfect. All so inspiring. Happy fall!

    1. Thanks, Chip! I embroidered a bunch of leaves a couple of years ago, and still have a few left, but they have all lost color. I'm waiting for the trees to begin this year's display. :)

  3. Love that Pony Express print!

    1. She has a whole alphabet of cool postcards!

  4. I love each and every one!

    1. :) September has been a good mail haul! And October is always good because I love making Halloween mail!

  5. Oh I love her shop! I remember back in the day when Hallmark actually had lots of stationery papers and nowadays there are barely any of those shops and I don't see a lot of letterhead or anything. Have fun preparing your snail mail and receiving it too!

    1. Doesn't Chrissy have some great stuff in her shop? Her cards and postcards are so creative. :)


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