Monday, July 02, 2018

July? Feels Like August

We are in a time once again
where our need for the arts is growing more and more apparent.
Controversy and anger and fear seem to swirl
around us these days in large supply.
This has happened plenty of times in our history.
We have needed and sought the healing and teaching power
of the arts for a long time, perhaps forever.” 

Robert Lynch,
President and CEO, Americans For The Arts

In keeping with the links on my last post about the benefits of funding the arts in schools, the above quote suggests another purpose of the arts--healing and public health.

The Mental Health Benefits of Art Are for Everyone 

The Connections Between Art, Healing, and Public Health

I loved Rachel's comment:  Still, spreading the idea of creativity around the world in a subversive, extra-curricula fashion is good too....

Of course, I assume mail art qualifies.  Certainly extra-curricula and sometimes subversive.

Jacque re-purposed some things on my last letter to her.  :)


to the grands

I am catching up on my correspondence, one day at a time.  

We are just hoping the heat wave ends
and that there will be rain.
There is a possibility in the forecast,
and I'd gladly give up fireworks for rain.


  1. Fun mail, Jen! Your drawn and cut characters are crazy fun! And they look so great on black envelopes. I’ve given up fireworks for too many years for too many lousy reasons. Not anymore. But I do feel for all the creatures that the fireworks frighten.

    1. Thanks, Annie! Although some fireworks are beautiful to see, the effect on animals is disturbing. It is also worrying because things are so hot and dry this year!

  2. LOVE this post-and the cartoon!!!

  3. Absolutely it qualifies, and brings delight to the recipients, and problem the employees of the Postal Service too!

    1. :) I hope they make the postal workers smile. I assume you meant probably not problem! :P

  4. Stopping by to see what's going on! I'm sure the grandchildren love getting their letters. What a treasure for them.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Debra! I have fun with the letters and postcards to the grands, even when I have not too much to say. :)

  5. You grandies are going to remember you and your mail art forever! What fun!

    1. :) I really need to include more information about family every once in a while. Things I remember about my grandmothers, etc. Thanks for the reminder, Mary!


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