Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Good Week

"Having a stash of things is not junk, it’s inventory!" (source)

What a fun mail day when Penny's little box of treasures arrived!

I added another patch to my studio shirt
using some of the buttons!

And from Teresa!
I have to get busy and answer my mail.

  I did make it to the Highland Open Studio on Sunday,
at least to Ricky and Teresa's open studio where several 
artists displayed their work.

I had a chance to visit with an old friend that I only see every few years.
Carla had driven in from Texas, and it was so nice to catch up in person.

I've shown Teresa's lovely library several times,
but this time I listened to the live music, visited with a friend,
and admired their garden!

I wish I'd taken pictures, but...I was too busy talking.

Erin's birthday was Tuesday!
Our lovely daughter--
we are so proud of both our girls.

In our back yard, I'm loving the lantana.
Like the milkweed, lantana is fiesta in a flower.

The day lilies have had a great year, 
but the buds are getting fewer now.

Does anyone know what this obnoxious bug is? 
Last year, I found a bunch of them, but I don't know what they are.
I love the yarrow, but it is invasive and taking over a section of the garden.

Milkweed seeds--I've planted some and just blown most 
into the breeze hoping they will find a fitting place to grow.


  1. Your family is beautiful!
    I have never seen that bug before. It's probably not native around here (a fact I am grateful for!)

    1. Thanks, Debra. I'm so proud of them both. That bug is ugly and before long there will be dozens, climbing all over themselves. Eww!

  2. Indeed, "Stash" is the stuff you know you'll never use - "inventory" is the stuff you have to dip into as inspiration strikes!

    1. What a great differentiation! Inventory is exactly the right term!

  3. That quote is awesome and so true for us crafters! :)
    I'm so excited our Milkweed did come back. They are so pretty. Unfortunately we did not have luck with Lantanas which is so weird as they seem to do so well here in central Texas. Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing!

  4. :) The quote does apply, doesn't it? I love the term inventory, it just sounds more serious. I'm going to say it a lot now--"just checking my inventory."

    I had to buy new milkweed plants this year, my others did not come back last year, although I kept hoping. Maybe after several years the original plant gets tired and depends on seeding to reproduce. I love both milkweed and lantana for the bright cheerful colors and the attraction for butterflies and hummingbirds.

  5. We had those red insects last year on our tomato plants. You can vacuum them off tomatoes which we often did. Look up Leptoglossus nymphs and see if that is what they are. Another red insect is the milkweed assassin bug, which is beneficial. Beautiful photo of the girls. So glad you and Fee stopped by HOSTS. I may be crazy but I said I would do it again Dec. 9. What a fun care package to receive! I know that will get your creative juices flowing even more.

    1. I think they are the Leptoglossus nymphs, but the milkweed assassin bug nymph looks so similar. Thanks, Teresa, I'll be looking more closely. We enjoyed our visit Sunday and look forward to your Dec. 9 HOSTing!

  6. Lantana grows well around here, I should plant some. Unfortunately my husmand and I both have black thumbs. We always seem to have the worst yard around even though we have a gardener.

    1. :) Lantana is one of those plants that takes little or no care--my favorite kind!

  7. Stopping by for a visit. Love your blog, crafts and such gorgeous pics of those flowers! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. This is my craft blog, but I have a book blog, too. Thanks for visiting, Renee!


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