Sunday, February 11, 2018

Be My Valentine

I'm not a fan of "romantic" Valentine's, but I love funny ones or personal ones.

Prim Paws loves mockingbirds, 
but they have dive-bombed her frequently.
I gave Prim Paws a hat to protect her head.

 I don't know where I found this quote, but it had no acknowledged author.
Nevertheless, the idea of the "stubborn heart" resonated with me.  :)

  Another quote I really liked.

A birthday postcard to a friend.

My handwriting is lacking, and I really wish 
I could do a better job because beautiful handwriting
can make a card or envelope shine.
I console myself by remembering that it isn't about perfection.

One rule of Mail Art is:
  • No judgments are made about the artwork or its quality.  
  • via: Go Make Something
Since playing with watercolor and pen and ink,
collage, paper and paste,  rubber stamps, 
and drawing and cutting out
the strange little cartoon characters is fun,
I just hope they make the recipient smile.

Are you sending any Valentine's? 


  1. Oh I love your artwork! It makes me smile!
    I did send out a huge stack of valentines. I was looking in the store for a little box of them like we used to get for school-maybe they don't make them anymore. I should have made my own, but I didn't:(

    1. Thanks, Debra! I do love kid Valentine's and remember choosing specific one for friends when I was a kid. And decorating an old shoe box to receive them in at school :)

  2. I'm sure they do make the recipients smile!

    1. Hope so--they make me smile when I'm making them. :)

  3. Great quotes to do art by! Love Prim Paws postcard. I like the watercolor outlined. I’ll have to try that sometime. Your artwork and characters are such fun. I made a couple of Valentines but that is all. Your mail art always makes me smile. And is always I always tell you. :-)

    1. Thanks, Annie. All I managed were the three Valentine's for the grands. I don't think far enough ahead of time to make sure things arrive in time when I mail them. Wish I'd seen your "birthday cake" before I made the birthday card, I'd have copied it! :)

  4. Jenny, thank you for the birthday card. It made my day. Also for the Blessed are the Weird People card! I love and appreciate them! Somehow January and February were so busy, I feel my year is just now starting in March. Thus, I'm enjoying getting caught up on your blog posts.

    1. :) You are so welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the cards--that makes me happy. The year is getting away so quickly, and I have trouble keeping up, too. Better time flies than it drags!


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