Saturday, July 15, 2017

July Moments

 Amelia, Chris, and B.E. had already left before I took these pics on July 4. 
We had a nice weekend in the country. 
Mila, Erin, Brandon, Max
Snail Mail: Incoming and Outgoing

My latest record for daily yoga was 22 days consecutively.  Then...of course, I missed a couple of days.  Since I've been walking every day for nearly two weeks, I don't feel as compelled to get my yoga sadhana in EVERY day.   

Erin has been so pleased with her FitBit, which gives both reminders and congratulations for successful achievements.  All of a sudden I wanted one, too, and my good husband surprised me with my own FitBit!  My enthusiasm for walking rose substantially.

The last few days, however, have been miserable with heat and humidity.  Yesterday's  high was 103 degrees (heat index 116), and although I walked early, I was not a happy walker. Then a front moved through yesterday afternoon and this morning was much better. Looks like we may have low 90's for another week or so!  :)  I can happily live with that.

As July advances and August moves in--my walks may be shorter and less frequent, but I'm going to keep at it until the temperatures discourage me.  Yoga may move to every other day, and I'm good with that.  

I caught a sale on my favorite fine perl cotton from Stef Francis!  
Maybe these pretty variegated twists will inspire me to make something.  

I finished reading The Secret Life of the Mind.  Still have not written the book review on my book blog, but will get to it soon.   If you are interested in some of the ways the brain works, you might enjoy this one.  The studies are fascinating, and cognitive neuroscientist  Mariano Sigman has a warm and accessible style.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. It's hard to be active in hot and humid weather, I agree. Here's hoping for something more manageable in future...

    1. I keep moving the start time earlier each day. :) I'll be starting at 5 AM soon!

  2. The humidity and heat has been terrible here. Weeds are thriving and we don't dare work in this weather. Terry's COPD does not allow it.

    I just realized with this post that I like looking at the stamps on your mail as much as I enjoy seeing the art on the cards. This might be the first time I have seen a Kennedy stamp.
    xx, Carol

    1. I know, Carol! The stamps are so much fun! I love seeing what others are using, and I've also recently pre-ordered the new Andrew Wyeth stamps. I keep thinking I should start my own stamp collection--the first stamps I'd buy would be those issued by Guernsey because they issue such wonderful themes. here and here

  3. Lovely family photos! I'm drooling over that thread......oh my! As always, the mail art is superb!


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