Thursday, June 29, 2017

So Long, June

June has flown by.  

B.E. brought me some books to read when she visited last weekend.
The Warrior Cat series still reigns, but
 the Magnus Chase series is also high on her list.  :)
I appreciate that she wants me to read the same books she does,
but I do hope she is not in a hurry.

We had to customize some Pet Shop cats
into Warrior Cats.

Yahoo hijacked my search engine!  Not a way to  make me feel good about Yahoo.  

I think I'm in love with David Zinn...

I have some mail to take pictures of and post later.  My mailbox is happy.

Have a great pre-4th of July weekend!


  1. I do the same to my mother as B.E does to you. She has a stack of books at least knee high that I've recommend to her!

    1. :) "So many books, so little time"--an apt and often used comment of readers. And we all want to share books we enjoy!

  2. You'd be so proud of me! :) I mailed some hand-made shorts to granddaughter sisters. We visited a few days after the packages arrived, so it was very easy to convince them to mail coloring pages to a cousin, who had to mail a letter and other "important stuff" back. The 14-year-old said she was jealous. And now we've got a little mail consortium. While Richard and I are away for vacation, I plan to mail lots of postcards and notes. The 7-year-olds can read print, so it will be fun to send little stories to them for extra reading practice. The hardest part is staying in print mode. I haven't added drawings but then I'm not such an artist outside of fabric. (I just wanted to share your inspiration with you. :)

    1. So sorry--I haven't been keeping up with my blog or my email lately! I am delighted to hear that you have a mail consortium going! Nearly everyone loves getting letters, but maybe it is even more special to kids who have not experienced getting personal letters. It is a great way to keep it touch with the grands and a way to "tell" on things their parents did when they were young and tidbits about our childhoods and our own parents and grandparents.

      I'm having to report on the Warrior Cat books that B.E. is still reading. I have to give detailed accounts of what the adventures of the cats when she asks, "Has Tigerclaw attacked Bluestar, yet?" Etc., etc., etc. I'm doing closer reading as a result and hoping she won't spoil too much of future adventures!

      It will be fun for you and your grands during your vacation to choose postcards and write notes about where you are and what you are enjoying. A neat record of your vacation!

  3. Forgot to say I loved the David Zinn video. I wasn't familiar with him. I'm in love with his inner child.

  4. I would so love to walk around Ann Arbor and look for his art! I watched a couple of his videos on YouTube and was so enthralled with all of his little creatures. :)


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