Sunday, October 23, 2016

Final Countdown to Halloween

I found this cartoon on Jackie Long's blog and had to smile!

Bryce Eleanor and Jonathan
proudly displaying their awards 
after the Academic Pep Rally.
I love B.E.'s new glasses.

Lately, I've been trying my hand at leaf stitching.
There are some beautiful examples across the blogosphere,
and I have been experimenting...

Such a fragile surface.
I'm learning, but it is a slow process.

I love the green circles on the leaf  on the left
and tried a cut out for the one on the right.
(punched out a star, then 
added it back on in another position).
This is all new to me and so a lot of trial and error.
Playing with different needles and threads and number of strands.

The cut outs on the hibiscus leaf below were already there--
something was chomping on it.
This one tore even more easily.
Each stitch tended to rip a little.
I gave up on it, but am keeping it to watch it continue to dry.

I have more leaves in progress 
and more being pressed beneath books.

Outgoing Mail

Using a pic of one of the La Calavera Catrina dolls 
I made last year and Picmonkey
I played with one to see what would happen.

The pic I used below was before I added the skull necklace, 
but Picmonkey let me alter and add elements--
the spooky sky, the red rose, the text.

Then I added it to an envelope.
To Prim Paws

the back--using one of Naomi's stickers.


  1. This is the first time I read (or hear) about leaf stitching. I'm sort of wondering what the deal is...won't the leaves eventually crumble and disintegrate? Then what? I need a lesson or something.
    Vegan witches ha! I'll have to remember that when I teach Macbeth in a few weeks.

    1. In a way, I guess they are kind of like pressed flowers. What you do with them determines how long they last. I have some pressed leaves that have lasted for years just left in books, but I don't know how long they would last without some kind of treatment. I used a gel medium on some of the leaves and will see what that does--but its OK if the are't permanent, I'm not either. :)

  2. Your leaf stitching is amazing, also you Halloween envies!

    1. I have seen stitched leaves before that are so beautiful and delicate, so I decided to give the process a try!

  3. Love those vegan witches! What wonderful selection of Halloween letters.

    1. The vegan witches tickle me! What a clever cartoon. :)

  4. LoL. The witches are so funny! Leaf stitching...I've not heard of that before either. Quite interesting to say the least. I love how you made an altered envelope with one of your dolls. I love all the envelopes. I'm going to miss all this fun creepy stuff in another week.

    1. :) Jackie always has a good cartoon at the end of her posts. Yep, this is the last week for the Halloween stuff, but it has been fun!

  5. Love the stitched leaves. Do you use anything to preserve the leaves before stitching them?
    Do you know the work of Alice Fox?
    Happy Halloween!!

    1. Yes! Alice Fox is one of the inspirations. I love her work with natural objects! As for preserving the leaves, I'm trying a little gel medium. But I just remembered that you can preserve leaves with glycerin. I don't know how (or if) Alice Fox treats her leaves. Maybe I'll order her book!

  6. I never heard of leaf stitching. I am wondering what will happen when the leave dry out.
    Great Halloween art. Congrats to the kids on their academic achievement awards. The kids are so darned cute!!
    xx, Carol

    1. Alice Fox and Suzanne Bauer work with leaves--I love their work. I'm wondering what will happen as the leaves continue to dry, as well, Carol. :) Will the gel medium keep them flexible? Should I try a glycerin treatment? Questions, questions...

  7. I've never heard of leaf stitching and I love it. I've used gel medium on leaves to preserve them. Hmmm I want to try this sometime!!

    1. You have to keep it simple because the leaves aren't as sturdy as cloth, but it is sort of meditative to put stitches in such an impermanent item.

  8. The leaves are wonderful-I haven't seen this before-I love it! Love the cartoon!

    1. I love that cartoon, too. Make me smile each time I think about it. :)

  9. Excellent artwork as always!


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