Tuesday, May 24, 2016

UFOs and Other Minor Tragedies

I found myself without a book I wanted to read.  Plenty of books, but none were appealing to me.  In extreme cases, lack of interesting reading material results in...a cleaner house. Many drawers and cabinets downstairs have been subjected to extreme purging.

However, work in cleaning out upstairs in the studio is much slower.  I keep uncovering items that have no clear category and finding forgotten supplies and UFOs.

Heads with no bodies.
Some of these have been around for a long time.

 Bodies with no heads.

 Embroideries in progress.
This piece was what I started to keep myself busy when
Amelia was in conferences during our trip
to New Orleans--
It had no purpose,
other than keeping my hands busy,
but I may add it as another pocket to my studio shirt.

Scrap play--
some might make fabric postcards.
If I ever get around to it...

In the end, what good does it do to clean up the studio?
  :) It just gives me new (and old) projects for creating new messes, 
but at least it gives me a blank(er) slate to work in.  

Do you chew gum?  Did you know it increases blood flow to the brain?  

Chomping away boosts thinking and alertness 
and the study reveals reaction times among chewers 
are up to 10 per cent faster.

Good to know.  :)


  1. I think all UFOs are a tragedy. We rarely ever go back to them. I hope a few of these great starts find new life with you. Wow, creating your own doll heads! Impressive! And those scrap play pieces really would be great postcards. My fave is that last one...wink, wink. LoL. A good book would have been better than cleaning, but well, you did get some cleaning out done...space made for new arrivals. Bwahahaha. That's what I always think.

    1. I'm very good at starting projects, but not so much about finishing them. Here's the sad thing--I went to run a few errands and since our Hancock's is going out of business, I decided to stop by. I now have more stuff, but it was all on sale! Can't resist 30-40% off. :\ You have inspired me to finish at least one scrappy piece for a postcard; you will see it soon. I love any excuse to put something in the mail!

  2. I'm sure some of those UFOs will become finished projects, and it's lovely to rediscover halted projects with fresh eyes!

    1. I hope some of them will be finished eventually, but....probably not any time soon!

  3. Lovely finds! Always fun to see snything you share!!!

  4. OMGosh, grab that grey spotted cat head and give him a life!! He is fabulous! I don't have many UFOs. I think creative people are more apt to have them. Your mind is always working and thinking up the next thing you want to do. My left brain selects projects with a purpose. I may have a couple of ongoing projects at the same time, but rarely UFOs. I admire more than you could know your creative mind.
    xx, Carol

    1. Thanks, Carol, you've made me feel better about my tendency to flit from one thing to another! I would love to have more focus, but get too wrapped up in experimenting with a little of everything. Which is one reason my studio is always a mess--too many different projects going at the same time, and all require different supplies.

  5. Those embroidered bodies are fab!

    1. Thanks, Debra! The bodies were UFO's I used for embroidery back in November/December. Now, they are UFO's again!


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