Friday, April 22, 2016

Snail Mail


postcards to Mila, Max, and Bryce Eleanor
 (I made several copies of the
 steampunk mailman
and this one went to Max)

below--lines from poems sent to them.
Bryce Eleanor and Max got lines from Jack Prelusky
and Mila got a poem by Li Bai.


From Annie
Love the TAX on the front
(the "i" is folded to the back) Perfect for April!
Clever girl, that Annie!

From Mrs. Duffy at Letter Matters.
Her blog has so much to offer about correspondence;
especially interesting is a post about letter locking.

 This was one of those lovely, unexpected surprises!

 And she sent me a lovely, lovely poem by Pablo Neruda!
But here is the problem:  no return address.
I've written a return letter, but can't find an address.
Not on the envelope.  Not on the blog.
Anna, please send me your address!

And from Penne M.
April showers bring rainbows!
And don't we all love the flower stamps?
They are my favorites so far this year.
Thank you all for making my mailbox a happy place!

More Outgoing:

And to Penne M.

Another one went out to Mrs. Duffy, 
but I failed to take a picture!

It has been a good week for mail!  


  1. What a lovely lot of mail!

    1. It has been a good week for mail. The Write_On challenge has only a week left! Hard to believe that it is almost May; it doesn't seem possible for the weeks to pass so quickly. :)

  2. So much fun to see this post-loved the poetry too!

    1. :) The poetry has been a fun exercise--trying to find poems that fit!

  3. Wonderful images! These would make a fabulous collage!

    1. They would, wouldn't they? Or a banner of mail art received...


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