Tuesday, March 01, 2016

And So It Ends...

I shared the outgoing mail yesterday, but
see what arrived in my mailbox 
during the final days of the challenge!     

Incoming Mail:

From Penne M.--
A gator in the swamp.  :)
Louisiana natives can move away,
but the bayou remains.
I love the stamps she included!
I took them out of the tiny envelope
to show you.

Gorgeous hummingbird from Rift

 I sent a Birthday postcard to Papa Visione
for his 88th birthday,
and daughter Gina Visione  
sent this to me!

 This wonderful cinderella stamp was on the back!

Gina had hoped for 88 birthday cards,
but received 103 to give her dad for his 88th birthday!

I can't believe she is replying to everyone of us--
Such good mail, too!

And from Jack & Ginger,
the invitation to their annual Critter Dinner.
The competition to have the "winning dish"
is fierce and feisty.
Jack is an artist and always does the art.

 Love that they included last year's menu.


  1. I love that invitation to the 'critter dinner' so lovely!
    Lynn :D

    1. Jack always does such a great job on the invitations. I should have them framed!

  2. I love all your mail! B'rer Rabbit is amazing. Gina is also amazing sending out a ton of great thank yous for us responding to her call for her dad's birthday. I look forward to seeing all his mail.

    1. I thought the Month of Letters challenge was tough. Gina is responding to 103 people, last I looked! Can you imagine how Papa Visione looked when he saw all that mail?! I loved the card you sent!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    1. And such an assortment of styles! I loved finding these in my mailbox!

  4. What fun! I wish this would catch on, so more people would actually write letters! the menu looks amazing-sounds like a fun time!

    1. Me, too! Actually, though, I'm amazed at how many people do still write letters--there are plenty of sites about mail art and letter writing, and I've had fun visiting a bunch of them. And April is National Letter Writing Month and the USPS is issuing new Forever Stamps: From Me to You.

  5. There's a photo of my Dad, aged four, in exactly the same pose. I got quite a surprise when I saw that stamp!

    1. :) What a treasure, Rachel. It is so funny to compare family baby pictures from different time periods and see similarities. There is a pic of my husband as an infant that looks just like one of my daughters at that age.

  6. Oh, can you get me an invite to that Critter Dinner? I'll try to just snitch from the dessert table, I promise. These are some fun pieces and the Critter Dinner invitation is amazing. Absolutely, he's an artist and a very good one at that!

    1. Come on, Mary! We can eat our fill, then dance all the calories off!


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