Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Monday!

Working on the last Catrina.  For now, at least.  They have been such fun!

 This one I'm keeping,
but I don't know if I'll even dress her.
No armature for this one,
although I included some wire in her arms.
Instead, I weighted the bottom of her torso,
and she will be a sitting La Calavera Catrina.

I had the body made last week,
but had to wait for something
to give her some weight, some heft.
Used clay cat litter
(fresh from the box, y'all!)
to give her the weight,
then stuffed the rest with polyfill. 
I can mark these Dollar Tree babies
from my list.
All I did was cut styrofoam balls in half,
cover them with clay,
and add some party hats.

and one more thing to mark off the list...

 I had one little tiny gourd,
and made a tiny witch for it.
From bottom to tip of her hat--5"

Now, to tackle the doll
that was put on hold nearly 3 weeks ago.
Poor, neglected witchy doll.

If I didn't have crafting ADD,
she would have been done long since.
But I'm easily distracted
when a new idea hits.


  1. You've obviously been having fun though!

    1. Oh, yes, I am enjoying myself. I resent having to do all the mundane chores of life that prevent me from playing!

  2. Oh gosh, I HAVE to check out the dollar store for birds!! I went to Michael's last week and they were just too high, even at the sale prices. You idea with them is perfection. Glad you are keeping a Catrina and she is so colorful! This holiday is way more fun than Christmas for me.

    1. The little owl's feathers were a bit sketchy, but I think he's cute. The crows were in a package of six I think. I used one last year for a companion for Fred, a Halloween clown. :) I have more fun with Halloween than Christmas, too. Especially with weird characters!

  3. I love your creativity and the house magnets for the fire fund raiser was a lovely idea.
    I've nominated you for the lovely blog award. I appreciate you're really busy so no pressure to take part but your blog is so lovely I thought I should put you on the list!
    Lynn :D

    1. Thanks so much, Lynn! I appreciate your thinking of me!


Good to hear from you!