Monday, September 07, 2015

Progress on Halloween Eccentrics and Reading

Made a body for the zombie head in the previous post. 
 Stuck one of the tiny skulls from 
The Bead Shop in N.O. into his hat.  
 Marvin is a dandified zombie,
but he does prefer the outdoors.
 I found the little crow and trick or treat bag
in some stuff I bought last year,
and Marvin was delighted 
with both the companion and the treats.
Marvin is just a touch under 11" tall
including the spool base.

And below is the strange horned creature
from some far-away fantasy forest. 
 Muffletop is only 4" tall --
from the tip of his horn, to the base of the block.
 He, too, prefers to be outside.

I'm working on a few more Halloween Eccentrics at the moment.
A Day of the Dead skull head and a couple of pumpkin heads,
started last year, but left unfinished.

I just finished The Order by A.C. Donaubaur.  An excellent fantasy that depicts a fully realized world and contains interesting characters that come off the page.  I've already reviewed it on my book blog.  High marks for Donaubaur!  If you are a fan of epic fantasy, this may be something you would enjoy.

Still reading Failing Our Brightest Kids which keeps me pondering the successes and failures in education in the countries covered.  No question but that education reform and innovation continues to be a high priority and a touchy subject, not just in the U.S., but in all of the 13 countries examined.


  1. Love the Halloween eccentrics as usual. If you could see me, I'd smiling ear to ear, that's what they do to me. My niece was reading How Children Succeed this summer and wanted to discuss it so I'm reading it. Because author Paul Tough offers hope for those kids the school and early home life failed, I'm finding it interesting.

    1. Thanks, Teresa! I'm having fun!

      How Children Succeed sounds like an interesting read, and I'm adding it to my list. Failing Our Brightest is also interesting, examining how other countries deal with the difficulties we deal with as well. Budget constraints, evaluation of progress, the effects of educated vs uneducated parents, urban/rural, immigrants who speak another language at home, etc., etc. The authors are especially concerned with the lack of identification and support for talented or high achieving potential among the disadvantaged. All of the countries deal with it, but in ways that vary in intent and in success.

  2. Great creatures. I especially like the Zombie and how you embellished him. The skull on his cap is a perfect touch.

    1. Thanks, Carol. I never know what is going to happen when I start playing with the clay. Every one is an experiment!

  3. Darling!! I love your Halloween spirit and all your little creatures.

    1. Maybe the real love for Halloween is rooted in the desire for cooler weather! No, I just love orange and weird creatures and pumpkins. :) Thanks, Penny!

  4. YOUR season is coming up! Time to amass all your little creatures!

    1. Exactly! The Halloween creatures from previous years are mounting an insurrection and demanding to be let downstairs. I understand, but discipline must be maintained. :)

  5. Marvin looks very fine and streetwise, and Muffletop is a poppet!


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