Monday, August 17, 2015


Last year, I worked on Halloween projects all summer long.  This year, not a new Halloween creature, witch, or doll so far!  And I have projects that have been sitting for more than 6 months; not necessarily Halloween creatures, just heads started in December or January.

I'm determined to get back to some creative activities, whether clay or fabric.  My addiction to reading has to be controlled, and actually making something has to get a re-start.  

After Suzie's visit, I looked through my stash and decided to order

some more crinkly seam binding from Bluebird Lane--scrumptious!  
The packaging is a pleasure in itself.

 Some shades of pink and some fall colors.
 And a little bonus gift.
Always love lagniappe!

Also ordered some more sari ribbon from Victorian Gypsy Girl.
Opened the ribbon up and pressed it --
lovely stuff!

Now, the challenge is to get up to the studio, decide on where to start, and get busy.

Bryce Eleanor beat me at two games of Go Fish Saturday on Saturday and one game of Concentration.  You might think I let her win, but no, I was cut-throat and still lost!  She takes after her mother with games.  

Sunday, though, I actually won ONE game, and I was hopping around and whooping like the aging idjit I having one a game of Go Fish against a seven-year-old.  I should have been ashamed, but finally winning a game was too exciting!


  1. I'm sure the seven year old in question just loved watching you hop around with glee!

    1. She was a better winner than I was...but then she had more experience at winning. :)

  2. You're a girl after my own heart! I love the crinkled seam binding and sari ribbons. I have quite a nice stash but looking at these two sites I might be making another purchase soon *smile*. These are two item I can never get enough of - even if I just look at it and run my hands through it that's worth having them around.

    1. Isn't the crinkled seam binding pretty? I love her color choices, and she is so prompt. Last year I used her shades of grey and shades of orange selections on many of my Halloween creatures. When I open the drawer with the left-overs, I still smile.

      Moni Bean recommended Victorian Gypsy Girl for the sari ribbon, and this is my second (satisfied!) purchase from her.

      Time to make use of some of my purchases. :)

  3. Get thee into the studio and create! Just kidding, of course, but I do hope that beautiful ribbon gets you started up. I've missed your interesting work. Of course, I have had to control a reading addiction in the past, so I understand your problem getting away from the books. They do have a way of luring us in and holding us hostage for days, weeks, months!

    1. Thanks, Mary! After all that fun with the fidget quilts in the spring, I've been so lax. :) I know you understand about the lure of books! It is a serious addiction that is under-acknowledged, yeah?


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