Saturday, August 15, 2015


Wow--another month has gone by without a post.  Mostly because I've done little in the studio, but also, perhaps because of mid-summer malaise.                

My best friend was up from New Orleans for ten days in late July and the first few days of August.  Friends since junior high (back when they had junior high), whenever we get together, we pick up almost as if we'd seen each other the day before.  

When she was available, we spent 4-6 hours at a time in the studio, playing with fabric and talking about everything.  Ahem, or outside with a glass of wine, discussing 
books, current events, and youthful memories.  It was, as always, wonderful!

We figured out a simple way to make a bag for her mother's walker, and she made this one from upholstery fabric on sale at Hancock's; the dowel just shows how it would drape over the front of a walker.  She wanted two large pockets--one faces her, the other sports the heart she added.  I should have taken pictures of it while it was laid out flat, but didn't think to at the time.  Velcro on the undersides keep it attached.

The side facing out is actually the side she wants to face her mother, so that the heart she applied would be a little secret.

We also played with creating lacy fabric from Solvy and my stash of threads and embroidery floss leftovers, which I keep in a little jar; made some pretty cords from yarn; and she made a pincushion for a friend.     

Bryce Eleanor plays with clay.
Amelia and Chris have take a little away weekend
and after Bryce Eleanor had breakfast this morning,
she said,
"Let's go upstairs,"
 in this little whispery voice.
Like it is a secret....

 Here she is working on a dragon.

Now, she is entertaining herself for a little while
and the dragon is sitting in the sun.

I started this lady in December
and have worked on her several times,
each time giving up because I didn't like her face.
Finally, last month, I repainted her for the LaSt TiMe.
Stuck a butterfly in her hair...

and I almost like her now after disliking her for months,
I  even started working on some clothing for her ungainly body.

Now, I'm off to check on the kid.



  1. Obviously the visit from your school friend enabled you to make friends at last with the lady in the last photo!

    1. Actually, I worked on the lady before Suzie arrived, but her visit made me realize how much I was missing my studio time!

  2. Its nice to pick up a 'put aside' and rework it. She's darling! So glad you had such a good visit with your friend.

    1. If I could only finish some of the WIP's that have been neglected!

  3. Oh, don't worry, you'll get back into the groove of the studio. Already you're liking the little lady and that's a great start. I'm betting on you! BTW, I love her blue eyes. They are so clear and have a wisdom quality. Maybe it's that she's looking up.

    The walker bag is a good idea. The fabric is interesting and modern--very different from the usual. Her mom is going to love it, no doubt.

    1. I hope so, Mary! I still seem to be putting off doing anything that requires much thinking. ?)

      The walker bag might be another good idea for donations to nursing homes. This one is based on a simple changing blanket with pockets for babies. The upholstery fabric was both pretty and sturdy, but I think a quilted one would be pretty and sturdy, too.


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