Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Not much going on here creatively,
 and I've taken a long hiatus from blogging as well. 

In May, I pieced scraps.
I made more, but didn't take pictures.
Snippets and left over bits from other projects
stitched together.

Also in May, I did some experimenting  
with tactile elements,
I ended up putting together this little "fidget" book.

The plan was is use some of the ideas in future fidget quilts.

In June,
I made "Deer Diva,"
which I've already shown you.
And more fabric beads.
And that was it!

I strung some of the beads into a necklace.
Then, when a friend complimented me,
I made her a necklace, too.
 I finished enough beads 
to string her necklace last week
and put it in the mail.

Mostly, I've been reading.  
Work in the garden has pretty much ceased.
Heat advisory for today:
Heat index 105-108 degrees.
Weather Bug...is that a mistake?


  1. You've got quite a lot done, in fact. Needlework always takes a long time - and the smaller the project, sometimes the longer it takes!

    1. I got some stuff done in May, but June and July have seen me in the studio less and less. I worked on the beads at night while watching an assortment of Netlix series on the computer. :) You are right, the smaller the beads, the longer they took...working on 3/4 of an inch in the round was more of a challenge than the bigger beads.

  2. Well, as long as you are stitching, it's all good. This entire country is in a weird weather pattern. I'm in Northern Indiana and we are washed away with rain that brings jungle quantity weeds and mosquitoes. I am staying in and keeping busy with various projects...same thing I did in the Winter!!

    1. :) Staying in is practical right now. I can let the weeds go and enjoy the air conditioning for the summer.

  3. I've been making those scrappy blocks too. It's very therapeutic since you can just stitch and not have to think too much. ;-) I also love the beads - did you post a tutorial on how to make them? That's something I would love to try - I have so many very smalls craps that I just can't toss.

    1. That is exactly what I love--stitching and not thinking too much!

      The beads are inspired by Silly Boo Dilly, and I figured out how to make them and made a couple. But because I'd never seen the quilted beads before (other fabric beads are all over the internet, and I've make plenty of them for years), I went ahead and ordered her instructions because she deserves credit for coming up with a unique version. You can order the tutorial here. It is really a matter of a small strip of fabric and batting. I started making them smaller, but it is harder to embroider/quilt the smaller beads in the round.

  4. For someone who says she hasn't been very creative I think you've got me beat by a mile (or more)! I love your fidget books with all the textured pages. Also love the necklace with its bright colors. It looks just like a fun, sunny, summer day.

    1. I go through periods when I spend all day, every day in the studio--and periods when I don't go upstairs for a week at a time. Productive and fallow cycles. :) June and July have been fallow; I hope to feel more engaged soon!

  5. I love the fabric book and the beads! You've been busy, whether you think so or not! x

  6. Welcome back to blogland!

    I agree with everyone...you have been busy! It just doesn't feel so, but you're too hard on yourself. Love the fidget book. I've finished off and delivered a few more fidget quilts and sort of moved on. That does not surprise me...I am thrilled when I meet a goal.

    Those beads are darling. I'm considering ordering the instructions for a friend who doesn't quilt. I think this pattern will make a fab Christmas gift for her since she loves handwork. Thanks for the link. Hope you're able to keep cool and find yourself in the studio more.

    1. I've moved on, as well. I started one last fidget quilt in May (it is actually almost done) have neglected for nearly 2 months now. All of my other fidget quilts were delivered, and then I ran out of enthusiasm. Like you, I met a goal and moved on. Not that I won't be back at some point, but I've satisfied that particularly project for a while.

      The beads are great for anyone who loves handwork. They require so little in terms of "ingredients" and make for a soothing activity. The tutorial would be a great gift!

  7. I love your fidget book! Such a good idea and so lovely.
    Lynn :D

  8. I know what it's like to need a blog break-lots of other stuff to do! Thank you so much for your comment at my blog! I have read your posts and looked at your lovely work-those fabric beads are really nice. I love your little deer person! I do hope you'll be inspired to blog again soon....

    1. Thanks, Debra! I always enjoy visiting your blog!


Good to hear from you!