Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Wonderful Day--

From Erin--all sorts of goodies from the Wooden Spoon!  
From Amelia--worm compost and garden tools from the Holy Angels gift shop!

I've already added some to my potted plants.

Brunch with the Chandlers and long phone conversation with Erin.
Mayhap one too many Mimosas at brunch,
but I have to keep up with Amelia.

Has anyone watched Grace & Frankie, the new Netflix offering?  Lily Tomlin (love!), Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, Martin Sheen--can't beat that for a cast.  Excellent!  Well, at least, I think so.

Books:  Just finished Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin.  My review is here on my book blog.  Oh, I will definitely be reading more by Heaberlin!

Rain predicted for the next seven days!  This is the rainiest spring ever.  


  1. Good to know you have such a great time!

  2. Its a fun day isn't. Even though we're far away from family we Skype (wonderful invention) and visit, visit, visit.

    1. :) It is nice that one daughter lives near by. The other is only about 4 hours away and will be here this weekend. Skype is wonderful for those who have family that are too far for easy visits!

  3. Glad you had a great Mother's Day. I did, also. I read that second line as "warm compost" and laughed, thinking, "How wonderful to get poop right from the cow!" Now that is something one of my boys would actually give me. He loves the worst of jokes. Thank goodness they all have sensible wives, especially on days when gifts arrive.

  4. :) Didn't check the temperature, Mary!


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