Sunday, May 03, 2015

Bryce Eleanor on Hershey.  Her first horse show.  
All of the kids were adorable.  
B.E.'s category was walk/trot,
a good place for a seven-year-old
to compete in her first show.
I forgot my camera and had to steal this photo from Amelia.

After the show, Amelia and Chris came over and visited for a while.  
Amelia and Chris were going to a Kentucky Derby party...
so Amelia had made hats for her crew.
Bryce Eleanor decided that the wolf mask
needed a nose.  
She found one of my peat pots and showed me.
We cut it down a little,
and she painted it black.
Sadly, I didn't get a photo,
after we made the adjustment,
but B.E. was right.
The nose when painted and attached
made the mask MUCH better!

After Amelia and Chris left,
B.E. and I worked on little houses,
tiny animals who will live in them,
and B.E. sewed up the wolf tail
to go with her mask.

We didn't get finished painting the houses.
Bryce Eleanor wasn't as interested 
in painting the houses as
with working with the little animals.

She added air dry clay for 
ears and tails
and painted them.

I coated some pretty fabric
with a fabric stiffener,
then we cut out 3/4 circle shapes
for the roofs.
The solid colors roofs
are made from that Dollar Tree craft foam.

Now, for clean up
and getting ready to get back to my stuff.

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  1. Good to know the event went well, and the little houses are delightful!


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