Monday, April 13, 2015

Workshop Love and So On

Jessie Chorley workshop

Of course, I'd love to attend one of Jessie Chorley's workshops, 
but I'd also love to wander through the shop itself.


Details of fidget quilt #6

 The bead can be moved about in the netting.

 A little needle weaving and a chain to manipulate.

 The organza contains buttons and beads that can be manipulated.

The braid adds texture.

Pompoms and a netting flower have also been added,
but I may be adding more tactile elements.


  1. Love the idea of the stone under the netting - that would be entertaining!

  2. I keep trying to add more ideas for fidgeting! :)

  3. If I ever get to London -- forget Big Ben, Buckingham Castle and any other landmark -- I'm headed straight for Jessie Chorley's shop!! Whoa! Could I ever get into some trouble there. Your quilt additions are wonderful!!

    1. I would want so many things from the shop! Almost everything would be an inspiration, and I can see myself wanting to touch everything. So much fun to browse all the treasures!


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