Monday, April 27, 2015

Workshop Love and More

Why are all the workshops I want to attend located in England!  So many creative people in the styles I particularly enjoy, so many shops and venues for workshops, so many individuals who give workshops in their homes.

Marna Lunt is an artist I particularly admire for many of her creations.  She gives frequent workshops, and this one has a group enjoying making Marna's signature lampshades.

I would also love to be present at one of her Craft Afternoons!  You can find Marna at Made by Hand, as well.  I haven't been to England for several years, but when I go again, I'm going to schedule a workshop!

Congratulations!   My friend Penny Baugh has a wonderful layout celebrating her Lickety Split characters in the Spring/Summer issue of PRIMS!  Take a look!  And she has a new Unlikely visitor in today's post.

Studio   I've made a little more progress in the studio.  Doesn't look good, but at least, I've made improvements.  And I couldn't resist stopping to make a few more things.  I'll show you tomorrow, if I take some photos that don't show the mess.

Books/Reading  Some good luck lately over at my bookblog!  The Bone Season and The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon.  And from NetGalley, Craig Johnson's new Longmire novel and Kathy Reich's new Tempe Brennan novel.  Haven't reviewed the last two yet, but will get to them soon.


  1. Wonderful as it is to have the internet to tell us about a whole host of interesting possibilities around the world, I agree that it's really annoying to realise that all one's favourites are on the wrong side of the Atlantic (relatively speaking!). There are workshops I would like to go to that are in the US...

    1. :) That is the way it goes! One place I'd love to go here in the states is the John C.Campbell Folk School--one of these days!

  2. Thanks for the mention Jen! It has seemed to me, over the years, that the England has an abundance of wonderful stitchers -- in both the traditional and non-traditional formats. What a treasure trove.

    1. The UK seems to honor both traditional and nontraditional formats for textile arts, and they have so many guilds and university level classes. I love the nontraditional, organic, and less restrictive forms the best!


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