Saturday, April 25, 2015


I decided to clean up and organize the studio.  Big mistake.  From chaos to super-chaos.  This will take a while.

Before getting involved in creating a bigger mess, I was working on some Softies/Lovies.  When I discovered the idea of fidget quilts on Michelle's blog, she made a comment about how her mother had a "Lovie" that comforted her.

What if I made some soft dolls with plenty of tactile elements?  Would they be something that might benefit AD/Dementia/Sensory deprived individuals?  I began experimenting with some patterns (that are still in the process of being altered).  Below is the first attempt.  At first, I was so displeased that I wasn't even going to finish adding any details.  

I pinned him up for a while, but then I couldn't let him go.
  Added eyes.  And some embroidery.  
Made a pompom and sewed it on.  
Pinned him up again.

Gradually, I began to find him cheerful enough to overcome my dislike.   I've discarded my original pattern and will draw a new one, but have decided to call him my first Lovie, a kind of fidget doll--and will continue making more--when I can get my space organized enough to work in again.

Until I made and attached the pompom, 
he didn't work for me.  
The pompom did it.

And I made some more pompoms to attach to future Lovies.
Even a pompom from fabric scraps.

Now, I must get back to making my work space workable, again.
So I can make another fidget quilt and more Lovies.


  1. I am truly in awe of your creative mind, Jenny. I feel like a broken record, but I love all your projects. You are so incredibly talented, and all your creatures (Eccentrics and the soft critters) look like they would be such fun friends to have. As a child, I would have hung out in your world for hours (not unlike some of your grandchildren, e.g. BE).

    1. You are so sweet! Playing upstairs is my favorite occupation--well, that and reading. Lucky Fee doesn't expect a perfect house or a lot of homemade meals. I wish I felt the same way about cooking that creative cooks do.

      BE will be coming next weekend, and I'm hoping we will be able to play together upstairs, but if I don't make some progress cleaning up, we will have to be stepping over all the piles of junk and fabric!

  2. I sometimes think that cleaning is exactly the opposite: it requires making a bigger mess before any real advancement can happen. The problem, for me anyway, is that I lose interest right in the middle of the bigger mess.

    This Lovie is adorable. I don't know why you had a problem, although I will admit the pom pom does add a little sunshine to his character. I'm still going at the fidget quilts, but I can feel the interest waning. I really want to get a certain number done before I completely lose interest. Maybe playing with different elements will do it. I've decided to try a couple of your techniques in the hopes of saving myself. If the grands come today, I may recruit their help, too. That would be interesting!

    1. It does make a bigger mess, doesn't it? I not only lose interest, but find something, have an idea, and want to make it right then! Doesn't help to be so easily distracted.

      It is the trying to come up with new elements that makes the quilts fun for me. I put ruffles on the last quilt, but want to do more and in a different way on the next one. I think the grands helping out would be great inspiration, Mary!

  3. He's absolutely darling!!! He made me smile so you've definitely achieved your goal. Can't wait to see some more.

  4. Thanks, Penny! I always have trouble leaving a prototype alone. :)

  5. Good luck with the tidying up. It can be such a trial...


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