Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fidget Quilt #3

My biggest problem is too many ideas.  Next is that I'm so slow.  

The embroidery is time consuming, but one of my simple pleasures.
  The binding is another time consumer, but another process I enjoy. 
 Need to make some without binding--it would be much faster, 
but don't think I would enjoy making these
 without some of the other time consuming details.  

Also, these little quilts give me the opportunity to experiment.
 I benefit from the pleasure, the learning, the practice, 
knowing that my mistakes don't matter, 
and the hope 
that the patients who receive the fidget quilts will enjoy them.

Details of #3.  
Flannel, minky, and fleece with a block with a pocket on top. 
 I stuck a bit of overgrown ornamental cabbage in the pocket.

Love the way the soft fabrics feel,
but I don't really know much about sewing them.
They are a royal, stretchy pain to work with.

 I knew I'd find a purpose for all of the fabric cord
I made a while back!

Lenten Rose

Finished #3.
Working on #4!


  1. Yes, stretchy fabrics can be a real trial - but it has turned out well!

    1. Mistakes won't matter much on these little quilts, but it was frustrating trying to work with the stretchy that lovely soft minky fabric. :)

  2. Love these bright colors -- sure to bring a smile.

    1. I hope so! And and the fabrics are soft and touchable. :)

  3. Wow - absolutely lovely - and I'm so curious, don't think me silly, but what exactly is a 'fidget quilt'? Sorry if I'm being extraordinarily dense!
    Lynn :D

    1. Alzheimer and dementia patients have restless hands and these quilts give them lots of tactile sensory experience. I just found out about them through Michelle, a blogging friend who is always making things for community projects and especially for AD patients. Since we both lost a parent to this disease, this is another way to contribute.

  4. I love this one, Jenclair! (But I've liked them all.) I haven't posted the two I've made because the phone camera and I are fighting. The sad part is that I think I'm losing. I'm hoping to make at least a couple more in time to deliver them to the nursing home over the Easter holidays. Thanks again for sharing...I'm really enjoying making these. I don't have much time, so they aren't very artsy, but they'll do and maybe later I can make a few more that I can decorate and enjoy even more. Your Minky fabrics are so pretty and soft....I know that a patient will really appreciate it even if she can't tell anyone.

    1. Thanks, Mary! I'll take a picture of the finished quilt tomorrow. It has been through the washing machine now. Aren't they fun? I have # 4 almost finished, and I know what I'm going to do for # 5! Well, sort of...they kind of emerge as I go along, but I have an idea, anyway. :)


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