Monday, December 01, 2014

Two More Creative Individuals

I'm back in the studio as often as I can be in the midst of this busy time of year!  I've made the feet and wings for Odd Duck. Have some clay beads and gnomes in progress, too.

But today, I want to share some more wonderful, creative people who make stuff I envy and admire.

Ikat Bag - How lucky are Lorraine's girls--because living in her house must be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Scientist/crafter/costumier and more, this woman does everything with flair and consummate skill.

Her Owie Dolls are delightful--you really should follow the link and see all the details she has created!

She has patterns and tutorials to share, too.  But her birthday parties are to die for!  The Science Party and Mystery Party are too cool for school!  And she tells you how to make the stuff, how generous is that?  

Rachal at VirtuoSew Adventures embroiders the most whimsical creatures!  I love to embroider, but my favorite stitch is the running stitch, and even that isn't going to be neat. What Rachal does is a brilliant combination of art, skill, and imagination, the kind of embroidery that is a result of years of dedication coupled with an eye for detail and an elegant sense of style.

Perfect for an illuminated manuscript or medieval tapestry!  Rachel should write a book featuring these characters.


  1. There will be more like those - Rusty and Spots were designed by Tanya Bentham of Opus Anglicanum, but I've so enjoyed them I'm planning more!

    1. I can't wait to see them, Rachel!


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