Tuesday, December 02, 2014

In the Mail and Other Stuff


Yesterday, I received a packet of ribbon and fibers
 from Penny Baugh of Art Journey!
I can't wait to use some of these,
and I have an idea for the pom poms already.  :)
Thanks, so much Penny,
I'm going to have so much fun with these.

My packet went to the post office yesterday,
and when I got home, your packet had been delivered--

It was fun going through my embellishments
and finding things I thought you
might be able to use for the denizens of Lickety-Split!

Odd Duck is done.
She tends to be easily excitable.

It is fun to shape the wadded up bags 
in a spontaneous way.
I didn't take a pic of Odd Duck 
when she was just wadded up bags, 
but she was such a simple shape.

Although I didn't have the early version of Odd Duck, 
I did want to show you how she came about.
So...this morning, I wadded up some more plastic bags
and started a new creature.
This took maybe ten minutes.
It will take a little longer 
to compress and finish shaping
the basic form and add any other limbs or features,
but not much longer;
the process so far is pretty fast.

I'm setting it aside because
I have so many other projects 
that I want to try,
there won't be as many patches on this one
(it takes forever, adding small patches,
stitching them on, then embroidering them).

And that is just the way I like things
when I have lots of time and no deadlines,
but these few weeks before Christmas
are too busy with birthdays (4) and 
Christmas preparations for that kind of detail.
This time, I'll use much larger pieces of fabric.
When I get around to it, that is.

I have about 8-10 re-usable bags 
that I use for grocery shopping,
but I sometimes forget them and end up with 
lots of disposable plastic bags anyway.
Now, I've used up most of the ones
that have been gathered in the pantry--
Recycled into Odd Duck
and whatever becomes of this one.

Edit, Edit, Edit
I looked for where I'd seen
using plastic bags shaped
and wrapped in cloth
to create an animal, 
but couldn't remember where I'd seen it.
Finally found my inspiration!

Here is where I first saw the idea:
Monnie Bean!

Her work is unique,
she is all over the place with ideas!

More fabric cord.

I think I'll use some of the cord to hang garlands,
and maybe for arms and legs for Eccentric creatures.

Everything is an Adventure!

What are you working on?

Experimenting with?

Trying out?


  1. Now there's a good use for plastic bags!

  2. Love all of your creations! I would never have guessed that there were plastic bags inside So interesting!!

    1. :) I like the feeling of recycling the bags! The bags can be manipulated almost like sculpting an armature, but I'm not sure that this technique is better than stitching a fabric pattern and then stuffing with plastic bags. May try that next.

  3. Hello! It was so nice of you to comment at my blog, Monnie Bean Folk art-this isn't spam-I have 2 blogs and my icon isn't directed back to Monnie bean, so I'm just making it clear to you who I am! Anyway-thank you! I have also used very stiff sari ribbon and it's a pain! I found a seller on Etsy whose ribbon is not stiff and she also does not support sweat shops in India. I will put her shop name in my blog so you can check her out.
    While I'm here-just want to tell you that your work is wonderful and very creative. I have a very soft spot for ducks-I had one when I was a kid-she was my best friend. Now I have 2 geese-I guess I am a true bird woman!
    Thanks again-it was fun to visit you!!!

    1. I love sari ribbon, and I've already placed an order for some more from Victorian Gypsy Girl--thanks for the heads-up!

  4. Thank you once again for your kind words. Can't wait to get your package, which should arrive any day now. I love, love, love your 'duck'. What a wonderful idea, to use the plastic bags - I'd never heard of that technique before. Yours is such a fun and exciting blog to visit.

  5. I mailed it Monday morning, today is Thursday. It should be there today, I hope!

    Thanks for all your encouragement, Penny!


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