Monday, September 29, 2014

Almost October!

I got sidetracked on my Halloween creatures a while back.  
I wanted a "pocket"  or reticule for my witches.
I found a couple of antique versions on pinterest:

Mine had to be tiny.  2-3" tall,
so I pulled out some scraps and got started.

Now my witches have little "pockets"
stuffed with lavender and chamomile flowers
to carry with them.

A little pumpkin man,
about 4" tall.
Below, another little pumpkin man
with crackled face and body.
Another little bat 
to keep him company.

He is about 4" sitting
(and he has to sit or hang
because his bow legs 
aren't made for standing.)

Have a few other things in progress,
and at least one that never 
made it to the photo booth :)
in his finished state.

I've been working in the garden lately.
In the South, 88 degrees mean Fall,
and don't we appreciate it!

Carl's R.I.P Reading Challenge is in effect,
so I've been reading some spooky and 
horror books for that.

Are you ready for October?


  1. You KNOW I'm ready for October and our weather has been so 'fallish' that it seems its arrived early. LOVE your figures and those bags are perfect. I think my October posts will all be Fall and Halloween related - at least I'm tending toward that.

  2. I love October! We had some cool weather but I think the heat is returning now. Low 80s still beats 115 (the desert)! You sent me to the dictionary with "reticule." I don't think I ever heard this word before. I am familiar with "reticulated," and I thought they must be related...but they are not.

  3. So clever and so cute. I love your creations!

  4. Penny - Thanks, Penny, and I look forward to your Fall and Halloween posts!

    Rian - I can't wait for low 80's, but even 90 degrees beats the heck out of 115! I read a lot of historic fiction so I didn't think twice about "reticule" -- I love the way they were embroidered so meticulously, turning them into works of art!

    Connie - Thanks! I'm glad you've returned to blogging, girl!

  5. Jenclair, these little pumpkin guys are so fun. Are you kidding me? A 2 inch purse? Wait, no actually, several 2 inch purses. Girl, you do beat all! (but beat it very artistically)

    As for the weather, I'm still hot. I'm looking forward to cool 60's and fewer hot flashes.


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