Monday, August 04, 2014

This and That

We have seen some wonderful rain here in the last several days.  The gentle, all day kind of rain.  Peaceful and appreciated rain, lapped up by gardens and farms.  It has been cooler, too.  The last days of July and the first days of August have been completely unlike our normal mid-summer heat and drought.  When discussing the weather, the words you hear over and over:  "Can you believe it's August?"  

I've continued playing in the studio, switching from one thing to another.  Finally, a little progress in the altered book pages.   Experimenting with making "paper cloth" and embossing without a machine or embossing folders.  The head I made the other day now has a basic body, hands and feet, but the other figures in progress have gone nowhere.

Halloween Spell book pages in progress:

The page on the right is not finished, but added the tip in with washi tape.

Page on left isn't finished either, but you can see back side of tip in. 

Don't know if I'll add anything to the basic page, 
but there are two pockets, the tissue paper just marks the second pocket.
I need to find some witchy spells or other paraphernalia 
to fill various pockets.

Tiny paper bag pocket; tag insert.

We went out for lunch yesterday, then to see The Guardians.  It was certainly interesting!  Making a racoon part of the group of super-heroes and keeping the tone moving from serious to humorous -- well, I'm not sure how it worked, but it did.  Evidently it was risky making a film out of this particular Marvel Comic series, but we enjoyed it.  I loved Groot, he was completely endearing.  It was a bit long, though.   


  1. All fun stuff. I'm coming to YOUR house for Halloween! (I seem to remember threatening that last year also...)

  2. Come on, Rian! You and Jim both!

  3. Love your book and all the interesting pages you're creating. I'm so longing for Halloween work - might have to put aside the current projects and figure out how to make a witch's hat.

  4. Thanks, Penny! I don't usually begin Halloween stuff this early--usually it is more last minute. There are some gorgeous witch's hats out there, and I bet yours will be beautiful!


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