Sunday, August 10, 2014

Halloween Clown

I'm calling it quits on this guy.

I tried painting a paper towel
for his outfit,
but it was just not 
flexible enough.
So I stripped him down again,
and used fabric, 
and gave him a little crow for a friend.
Underneath his jacket
beats a bruised heart.
The bearded lady
turned him down.

He hasn't gotten over it yet.

Fred, or Drop Dead Fred, as Fee calls him!


  1. Oh dear, he might need therapy! *smile* He's quite wonderful - I love it that you repurposed him when the first technique didn't work.

  2. Yeah, he looks a little verklempt.

  3. Penny - I'm not sure if he needs therapy or I do! But I'm glad I finally finished the little fella'.

    Rian - Had to look it up, but definitely fits!

  4. Oh, I love him, bruised heart and all! As for therapy, we all need it and coming here, just provided a bit of creative relief therapy for me, today:-)

  5. Thanks, Michelle! My husband thinks I was channeling Drop Dead Fred from the movie. My guy isn't quite that crazy...or as funny!

  6. Poor little dear, I was worried about him at first--thinking you'd abandoned him before clothes. But, well, I read the post and it turns out you dressed him twice. How nice of you to admit that the first outfit didn't work. I do love the second suit but give him my regards and tell him to hang in there: the fat lady is coming around.

  7. :) Maybe things will work out for him after all!

  8. Thanks for visiting. Your day with the 'old' friend sounded great.


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