Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Studio Time and One-a-Day

Well, for goodness sake, I'm now pretty much staying in my studio!  

Oh, I'm still running up and down the stairs for a variety of reasons:  garden chores (which are few now), victuals and snacks and another cuppa tea, bathroom breaks, a few home chores, papier mache' in the kitchen, etc.

So what's going on up there?  I started the One-a-DayPersonal Challenge on June 25 with "the shirt." And now, although I'm grateful for that beginning, the shirt is somewhat neglected.  Oh, I've made some things for it, but I'm wearing it most of the time and don't bother to add the new appliques or textile brooches.  Can do that any time. 

I'm spending more time upstairs than I would at a full time job.  Up and down stairs from 6:30 til bedtime.  

 I think the Hedge Witch is finished.  She has taken long enough.

 She needed a friend, and when my ghost dolly didn't work,
I picked up this cheerful dog from one of my shelves.
His legs and tail are twigs.

 Still trying to use what I had....

I was going to make her a ghost doll out of cloth, 
but found tiny paper clay doll pieces I made last winter.  

All I had to do was make two tiny legs, paint, seal, and clothe her, 
since she's only 4 1/2"  tall, didn't take long.  

Love her, but she just doesn't work with H.W. 
She's holding a silly cat I made when I made the silly dog.  
Here's a peek:

Tried eco printing with some of my lovely coleus leaves.  Fail.

However, I eco dyed the cloth with onion skins 
and (of all things) cherries that had lost their freshness.  
What a pink! 
Easily washed out, however.  :( The wandering jew left more pink effect.

Started working on a Halloween Spell Book. 


More textile brooches.  Mounting some on tags.  
An old earring in center of this one.
Sari ribbon--how I love your versatility.

The one below is in the mail.

The past two weeks have flown by! 

 And I've had a lot of fun moving from one project to another.


  1. Love the little witch and her companion!! And the fabric art is pretty nifty, too!

  2. Thanks, Teresa! Sometimes it is convenient to have a scrap collection and a junk pile. :)


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