Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spell Book/Altered Book

When I began this recent "do something each day" interlude, it was with sewing, both by hand and machine.  Then the my focus shifted to clay and eccentric figures for Halloween, and the fabric and sewing projects began losing prominence.  

For the last week, I've slowly become more involved with altered book pages for my Halloween Spell Book.  Not really getting pages done, but getting them prepped and painted.  At first, I found this process annoying:  gesso a couple of pages, let dry.  Even using the heat gun, this is tedious.  Then, however, as I began looking at Pinterest and visiting altered book blogs, it started to be fun.  Gesso and paint.  Sew some pages. Make a niche. Fold pages.  Use acrylics, use water color.  Make tip ins.  Add pockets.  Use scrapbook paper.  Use fabric.  Use alcohol ink.  Make alcohol inks (haven't done this, but have a link!).  Make molding paste (haven't done this either).  Make pop ups (working on this).

loose pages in progress for pockets or tip ins

layered in wax paper, ready to cut into shape

Well, you get the idea.  It was boring.  Then it wasn't!  When I get tired of prepping pages, I'll have to work on content.  I've found some neat spells, some clip art, some free printables, etc., that might work.

I've moved back and forth between all three technique areas, but each one becomes a focus for a while and gets most of my attention.  My spell book has been much more fun than I thought it would be because I'm playing around and experimenting with different techniques.   I don't really plan for the spell book to be open so if the inner pages turn out to be crap, it won't matter.  

OK - so I've spent almost as much time (well, probably more time) looking for ideas than actually playing with the pages; I'll find an idea I think I can do and run upstairs to try. Remember how much fun Vacation Bible School was when you were a kid?  All of the crafty things the teachers planned?  This feels like the same kind of fun.  Scissors, and paper, and glue!

On the other hand, I'm beginning to feel a little guilty about all of the sewing projects I had in mind, including a new cloth doll.  And there are 3 , no,  5 clay figures in progress that need some attention.  Shoot, I'm getting my knickers in a twist just thinking about all I want to do. I know it's early, so a Margarita is out, but maybe a Mimosa  would soothe my ruffled feathers.    


  1. This is looking great! Thanks for all the inspiration. Also, I really appreciated your comment on my post yesterday, about my being courageous and all. Thanks! xo

  2. I love the 'collection' part of the process. Maybe this will work, maybe that will work - laying things out -switching around. That's the fun part and the most time consuming. By the time I get to the real assembly it just goes together like magic.

  3. Nice work! So inspiring. I'm looking forward to following your progress on this.

    This reminds me that I have a number of old books set aside for altering. It's on my list of "someday I want to try/do/make...", which is so long I might not live long enough to get to it all. ;)

  4. Connie - I'm having fun with it--although my hands are all gessoed up. And you are courageous in your live and in your art!

    Penny - :p It is funny how differently you see things when you have a project in mind. While I'm browsing, looking for ideas, I will see something I've seen dozens of times, but with new eyes. Same with going through my stash of stuff, things will almost pop out, saying, "Use me!"

    Marie - Thanks, you! It is so much better to have a "to do" list so long you might never get to all of the items on it--than to have nothing to do and being bored!


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