Friday, July 04, 2014

Hedge Witch

Poor witch, I lost her arms, looked everywhere; they were of course, right in front of me.  If I would pay attention to what I put down and where, I wouldn't waste so much time.

My hedge witch now has hair and her hat is in progress.  Why, when I finally decide on what I (kind of) want, do things go off in a different direction? I had some lovely velvet with gold stars picked out for her skirt, but when it came down to it,  it didn't feel right.  

I'm uncertain now, pulling out more fabric, and making a huge mess that will remain until I decide on something.  

Here's what happens in my creative process:  I lose things, make a mess, can't decide, give up and come back downstairs, read, clean/straighten, go back up and do one little thing, despair, and leave again.  

Later, for no particular reason,  I often decide that maybe things are OK (or accept that I don't have a better idea) and proceed.  Sometimes, I think maybe I like what's happening after all; sometimes, I make major changes.  I search through embellishments, fabrics, and artifacts for an idea that will give hope and direction.  Find it or give up and leave again. Those stairs get a lot of use, and I get plenty of exercise.

It used to bother me that I didn't have a clear idea of where anything was going and that even vague ideas underwent drastic changes.  It bothered me that I'd throw up my hands and retreat, abandoning what was in progress for both short and long durations.  

After reading How We Learn, I realize that these steps are not only part of a learning process, but also part of a creative process--leaving at a difficult point, finding distraction, letting ideas incubate or percolate.  

Frank N. Stein will have to wait a lot longer.  I'm at an impasse with him, and I'm having enough trouble with the Hedge Witch, but at least I found her arms.

Bryce Eleanor and I watched episodes of How to Train Your Dragon yesterday; lots of episodes on the DVD she brought with her.  I love how excited she gets, her eyes get huge, her face so animated, her hands move as if she can't contain them.  She is so animated about everything-- from informing me that Astrid kisses Hiccup after happy endings to telling me what she wants for breakfast.  

Amelia and Chris picked her up a little while ago and were off on some adventures downtown.  So things are quiet around here, and I'm going upstairs to play.

Fee went fishing early this morning, and I'm hoping for a little fried fish tonight and maybe a little wine and watching neighborhood fireworks!

(Free printable found via A Little Crafting)


  1. LOVE both the Eccentrics in process and your insights on the creative process. Happy Fourth!

  2. The hedge witch looks great but little Frank N Stein doesn't look too happy to be left on his own. Poor little guy.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Teresa - Thanks! I'm glad to be playing with dolls again. Hope you and Ricky had a great Fourth!

    Francoise - Frank desperately needs a body, doesn't he? :)

  4. Can't wait to see the Hedge Witch and Frank N. Stein completed. Good luck with them! Hope you had a great 4th!!

  5. Sherri - :) I've worked a little on the Hedge Witch each day, and I'm still having difficulty with her clothing. Have now ditched another possibility, but I'm closer to seeing the end!

  6. You certainly defined most of my creative process. It's also how I write. The problem is that I get so distracted that I don't go back. So I've learned how to work quickly and push myself through some of the "iffy" problems. Other times, I just don't think about it while I'm working--sort of let my hands do the thinking.

    Your eccentrics always look great, so don't despair so much. Maybe you need the time to let your brain percolate. Whatever it is, it works very well for your little characters! The Hedge Witch is adorable. I'm hoping Frank gets finished in time for Halloween. He'd be perfect for your decorating.

  7. Mary - I often fail to return as well, so sometimes, I do like you and push through. And I often let my hands do the thinking, especially with hand stitching or shaping clay.

    Percolate--it worked last night, when I had an idea right before falling asleep. It won't work for this figure; too late for that, but the next one, for sure! :)


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