Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dance Parties and Dragons

I went to watch Bryce Eleanor at her horseback riding class Friday afternoon.  I nearly melted in the 96 degree heat with about 80% humidity.   And I wasn't wearing long pants, boots, and a helmet like B.E.  When the class was over and  she took off her helmet, her hair was wringing wet.

When we got back to the house, she went straight to the shower.  Not really.  We negotiated, and the popsicle came first.

Friday night, she planned a dance party.  Apparently decorating is involved when preparing for a dance party.  She got into the drawers where I keep some seasonal decorations and created an eclectic theme that included Valentine stuff, glittered rats,  Halloween and St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's banners, Christmas decorations, etc.

She sent an invitation to Fee, but by the time she finished decorating, she had pretty much lost interest in the dance party.  Fee and I were spared after only a few minutes of dancing "like there's nobody watching." 

Saturday morning we worked on creating black cats (like Lucy) by painting t.p. rolls and making a cat face and then, a dog and a dragon out of air dry clay. She is much fascinated at the moment with Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout and the dragon Toothless. 

We had to put them in the oven to speed up drying because she MUST take the dragon home.  She liked the silver effect of the aluminum foil so we didn't clay over the legs.

I made the dog, but it wasn't as cute as B.E.'s dragon.  The dragon ended up with iridescent purple puffy paint eyes, but no other enhancements or embellishments.  

The dog, on the other hand, eventually modeled a black tutu (from a left over bit of gathered black tulle, a green collar, and a purple leash).  

After dog was dressed in the tutu, she decided it had to have puppies.  B.E. shows no interest at all in dolls and turns up her nose at the ones I make, but she is always big on animal and animal babies.   We had to make 3 tiny puppies to go with Mama Dog.  Didn't get pictures of the finished puppies before Chris picked her up, but they were no more than an inch long and had wire legs stuck in the clay.

As usual, I had a lot to do after she left--just to be able to walk from room to room.  The studio, which admittedly was already in a state of disarray, now has fabric all over the floor.  She auditioned quite a lot before deciding what to use for the tiny collar and the leash.  I wanted to just make a small cut and tear the fabric for the leash, but she insisted on cutting it.  Not exactly straight, but plenty long.

Admired the perigee moon last night.  So pretty.

UPDATE:  Amelia took a pic of B.E.'s work and shared it with me.  Thanks, Amelia!


  1. What adorable little animals. Looks like you two had a blast. Perhaps B.E. is meant to be a window dresser or a set designer? Once everything's in place she loses interest -- LOL.

  2. Connie - I had not thought about that, but her mother definitely has those tendencies. When we took BE to see The Little Princess, Amelia and I talked about how interesting set designing would be! However, in BE's case, I think she might carry eclecticism a bit too far. Just sayin' the rats and the Valentine's kind of canceled each other out.


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