Monday, June 30, 2014


Saturday, Amelia, Bryce Eleanor, and I attended the Shreveport Little Theater's  production of The Little Princess.  It was a little strange because, although the actors were very good, it was a musical with perhaps too many songs.  It was hard to understand some of the songs and hard for anyone who had not read Frances Hodgeson Burnett's classic to understand what the songs were about.  

Nevertheless, it was an impressive performance, and I loved seeing all of the young people give it their all.  Congratulations to the SLT Academy that works with these talented young people.  

 London Todd played Sarah, and she was remarkable.  
Her voice, her smile, her poise were all enchanting.  

I have continued with my one-a-day challenge, 
and after beginning to doubt that it would lead anywhere, 
yesterday saw more activity.  
Not just a few minutes, but a couple of hours and some work in clay as well.

Here are some of Saturday's endeavors:

 The color is off in these pics.

Sunday was spent shortening the shirt sleeves
with fabric manipulation-- 
 some pleats, some gathers. 
 And I worked on the cuffs using patchwork and sari ribbon.

Two clay heads that have been hanging around
got some work and then went into the attic "oven."

Today, I'll work on them a bit more
and take some pics of the shirt sleeves.

Maybe...I am getting back in the creative zone,
and will be able to make a few things 
that I've been thinking about lately.
Fingers crossed!


  1. I'm loving your one-a-days -- really delightful!

  2. Thanks, Connie! After so long of doing nothing, I'm enjoying the challenge of doing something.

  3. So glad to have a visit! Your garden is stunning. (I have more weeds than flowers.) But I really like the creative work you've been doing. Some of your pieces are so artistic that I want to try my hand at them, but I know better. There's no way I could do it, so I'll stick to my machine and ogle over your hand-work.

  4. I'm just so glad to be doing something! For so long, I've not been in the mood for any kind of creative play. Thanks, Mary, and I know what you can do with machine!

  5. Love the fabric creations and I've been missing the Eccentrics, too.

  6. Thanks, Teresa! Last fall, I was just making the heads without any idea of where to take them. Now, one is going to be a witch, and the other is sort of Frankenstein character. Love Halloween!

  7. I love your Halloween eccentrics!!!! Can't wait for fall and pics of your house!


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