Friday, June 27, 2014

One a Day

I may not post every day about my one-a-day self challenge, but I will be trying to put in an effort each day.  Maybe I'll produce something or maybe just put in an effort, but as long as I can get into the studio each day, I'll be satisfied.  

My mindset is raw-edged, scrappy, textured, tattered, and frayed.  I love playing with scraps, so with "the shirt" in mind, I made a flower brooch and attached it.  Why not  make a few more.

I cut out several fabric circles so that I can make one  (or several) a day and satisfy my self- challenge of making a daily effort.  Whether sorting and auditioning scraps or cutting circles or working on one of my Eccentrics, as long as I'm making an effort, I'll be satisfied.

Today, I cut out several more fabric circles and circles of batting and put together two brooches.

Most of the circles I cut out are blue, but I found a couple of other fabric scraps and cut them out as well.  They will provide me something to play with for a while.


  1. I really like the blues and look forward to seeing more of the shirt if that's where they end up.

  2. Some will end up on the shirt, either as pins or as appliques. The others will just hang around waiting for another project. :)


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