Thursday, June 26, 2014

One-a-Day Challenge & Miscellaneous Movie Suggestions

"One what?" you may ask?  One something, one anything, one effort in the studio.  One textile brooch, one little space of time on anything from embroidery to patchwork to clay.

After quite a long fallow period, I'm suddenly having itching fingers.  Jotting down ideas, exploring possible formats, and actually getting up the stairs and doing some work.  :)  Adding to "the shirt" is an easy effort.

So I've issued a personal challenge to myself.  It isn't an onerous task, of course; it is actually more like play, but after so many months without working on anything but bits of embroidery, it is time to get back upstairs and make something.  Anything.   

Fee and I saw The Chef this weekend, and it was every bit as uplifting as Rian said!  I smiled through over half the film!  

Critical reviews have not been pleased with the very things I loved up about the film:  it is too happy.  Maybe it is a fairy tale, but sometimes we need to see and feel the brighter side of life, and Fee and I left the theater feeling upbeat, still smiling, and more than pleased.

Have you seen it?  If not, put it on your "must see" list!

On that note, Irene McKenna has listed 50 Mystery and Suspense films she would like to watch and review.  A lot of Hitchcock is included (well, who doesn't think Hitchcock for suspense?), but also The Crying Game and The Usual Suspects and China Town.  I think this would make a nice weekly movie night, but I might have to substitute a few.

While I'd love to watch most of these again and many for the first time, I don't think Reservoir Dogs is one.  In fact, I never watched the entire movie, only saw bits and pieces when Fee and I worked at the Dixie Theater in Ruston...a long, long time ago.  He was the projectionist, and I worked behind the counter serving popcorn and cokes.  I might replace Reservoir Dogs with Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid - Steve Martin at his best, a classic.  Oh, and Big Trouble in Little China!

Just a retrospective of Hitchcock films would be great, if possible in chronological order.

If you check Irene's list and have any suggestions, let me know.


  1. Ricky retires on Friday!! so we may start a movie watching project if we can get our DVD player and wireless working properly!

  2. Chef looks like fun! Great cast! Screw critic's reviews!

  3. Teresa - Way to go, Ricky! You will love retirement, and Teresa will keep your busy. The movie night would be fun for any genre or producer, etc. I'm liking a Hitchcock theme first.

    Connie - I loved it, and all the actors were terrific in their roles!


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