Thursday, May 29, 2014


Have not been much of a blogger here lately.  I've been keeping up with my book blog, however.

Here are some of my favorite crime/mystery reads from the last few months:

  • The Keeper by John Lescroart
  • By Any Other Name by Craig Johnson
  • The Suspect and Lost by Michael Robotham
  • The Blackhouse by Peter May
  • Blacklist by Jerry Ludwig
  • medieval mysteries by Jason Vail and Priscilla Royal
I'm trying to keep up with my book reviews, so I am blogging--just not here.

And I'm not blogging here because I'm not doing anything creative.  I have worked on my studio, though!  And gardened.  And thought about sewing or sculpting.


  1. I haven't blogged in ages and ages...but I check my blog reader whenever I can to see who has posted...I miss the old days when we were all so active. But nothing stays the same does it? I will put your book blog on my blog reader...though it has been very dangerous for me in the past! You know me and books! =-) I'm off on a trip soon, so maybe in a few weeks I'll have some travel photos to post on my own poor blog =-) So good to see you, JenClair!!

  2. Hey there! I've not been reading much...but we sure love the Longmire series and can't wait for it start again!

    Also, have I recommended The Rope by Nevada Barr? I think you'll like it :)

  3. DebbyMc- We were all pretty active a few years ago, weren't we? Have fun on your trip and be sure you do post some pictures. And I always look forward to your trips to New York State!

    Nancy - I've read several of Nevada Barr's novels, but don't think I've read The Rope. I like that she travels from park to park and has new settings every few years.

  4. Rian - :) I know you are busy with all the planning and decisions for the new house! Things are moving along now, you will be in before you know it.


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