Monday, January 06, 2014

Christmas and After

A week in the country for Christmas was both fun and exhausting.  

The Treasure Hunt was worth every minute I put into its creation!  The kids were absolutely delighted and had a great time reading the clues and searching for the next one.  We adults had a great time when they brought the clues back for their Christmas Jeopardy questions that I interspersed between clues.  

Who were they named for?
Could anyone say Merry Christmas in French? 
What do you call a baby _________?  (bear, kangaroo, deer, etc.)
Sing "Jingle Bells."
What were the gifts the Wise Men brought?
Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
What did the fox say?

On and on, and I'm already thinking of questions for next year.
Reading The Mischievians by Bill Joyce

On Christmas Eve, the kids showered and got into their new pajamas from Amelia, read The Mischievians by Bill Joyce that she included in the package, and finally, settled down to read A Child's Christmas in Wales.  This is an annual thing, and everyone, adults and children read and pass the book to the next person.  Like it or not.

On Christmas day, the Safari was another hit with the kids.  Driven through the woods in four-wheelers by the adults, they had to spot cardboard stand-up animals.  This would have been fun on its own, but uncles and cousins took it upon themselves to sneak out early and stand behind some of the animals- and when the kids got close, to move the animals toward them.  Some screaming resulted from kids and accompanying adults.

There was a Christmas lunch for siblings, grands, cousins, second-cousins and in-laws.  I have had alternate counts of 27 and 28.  Lunch, visiting, and imbibing lasted until late that night.

Santa brought the kids their own transportation.

Friends Mark and Debby arrived from North Carolina 
via Christmas in New Orleans on Friday afternoon.  
Bringing more food and fireworks! 
 So much fun reminiscing and telling tales!

Mark took the above pics and emailed them to Fee.  
See the duck Bryce Eleanor is holding?

She brought him to me and asked me to sew him up.  
Didn't happen.

Another one of Mark's pics--I loved watching the lantern move up and away!

--------------On the downside-----------

By Friday, Erin had not been feeling well for a couple of days, had to go to the emergency room at 2:00 AM that Sat. morning, Dec. 28.  The news was not good and a CT scan meant she had to begin scheduling doctor appts. when she got back to B.R.  because her left kidney was so enlarged.  After a week of appts., tests, and lab work --and waiting--this past Friday, her urologist scheduled surgery for Jan. 20 to remove her left kidney, saying she was an anomaly, that this situation doesn't usually occur in women her age.

After a lovely Christmas, the post-Christmas time has been pretty tense. All other lab work and scans and grams look fine so far.  Doctors have been optimistic about containment, and they aren't even doing a biopsy because the kidney has to go, regardless.


  1. Oh, Jenclair, prayers and best wishes for Erin. Hopefully she will feel much better in a few days.

    Your Christmas activities put the rest of us to shame! Your family must have the very best of memories. They must have so much fun! Our Christmas was lovely and, although it occurred early because oilfield workers don't know holidays, we are blessed to have the entire family together for a while.

  2. Thanks, Mary. She is feeling more confident now.

    I'm glad your Christmas was a good one--and I know about the demands of the oil field, which can disrupt or derail almost any event! "Gotta' be on location" is a tired old refrain around here. As is "stuck in the hole" and "it's the oil field, Babe." :\


Good to hear from you!