Monday, November 04, 2013

Red Birds, Swans, and Camels

I'm going in too many directions,
but I can't seem to stop.

Playing with clay and paint.
Washing my hands.
Playing with fabric.
And so on and on.

What needs to be done is...
cleaning and organizing.

Even as I try, however,
within the day,
the fabric is everywhere,
more paint needs to be put away.

Where is my focus?

Bryce Eleanor colored her birds red.
I said, "Oh, Cardinals!"
She said,
"No, Red Birds."

I'd already transferred some of them to blocks
and used machine-stitched raw edge applique.
I showed these pics recently.
 And a few more.

Amelia said she might want to frame them,
so I have hand quilted a couple.

After realizing the quilting on the swan was too close,
I began adapting.

I love hand quilting.
The process is slow,
and satisfying.



  1. I love the way you are working and love to see the proces could be a great quilt

  2. A quilt was exactly what I first had in mind, Emmy! But Amelia mentioned framing them, so I've gone ahead with the quilting of each square.

    Bryce Eleanor does a lot of drawing--mostly horses, unicorns, and birds--so I'll have a chance to do a quilt eventually. I've got several drawings that I haven't done anything with yet and will undoubtedly have more.


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