Monday, November 11, 2013

Nature Craft and Twiggy Stuff

Since I will be out of pocket this weekend,
I'm going to go ahead and schedule this post.

Nature crafting has a special feeling to it. 
 You have to gather your materials, 
which means being outside and 
appreciating and evaluating what nature has to offer.

Since making the twig/branch weavings earlier this year, 
the use of twigs has been a favorite excuse 
to cover them with yarn or embroidery floss
 in one way or another.

On Gerrie's blog recently, I saw her Red Sticks 
(and, yes, I did mention that "red stick" has 
a certain Louisiana connection,
 a la Baton Rouge).
Love 'em!

I've seen several other intriguing examples of twig art--on blogs and on Pinterest.

Handmade Charlotte posted 6 DIY Projects to Bring the Trees Inside.

 Pretty Ditty made a reindeer, perfect for Christmas!
Simple and elegant
in a nature crafty way.

Found via Pinterest, a twig ladder with hearts from Red Cotton.

Also via Pinterest, Popsicles and Pinetas made this Anthropologie inspired necklace.
anthropologie twig necklace DIY

And from the Anthropologie site, twig letters.
These are no longer available, but 
they were $8 a piece.

Kai Ethier saved a bundle with her DIY version.

I might try some Antro knock-off letters myself.

Oops, I thought I had this post scheduled for Saturday,
but guess I was wrong.

I had also planned to gather
a bunch of twigs while at the cabin
this weekend, but
the rain on Saturday 
left just a little time to work
in the garden,
and I forgot about twigs.


  1. Very cool! These are definitely inspiring. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Marie -- Not sure what my attraction to twigs says about me, but I find all of them interesting!

    Nancy -- :)


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