Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Studio Time

For some reason, my time in the studio lately
 has been much less Halloween than in previous years. 
 I've made a few Halloween things,
 but mostly added ideas for making things to my list.

And much less working in clay this year
even though I have ideas bursting my brain.  

No, I've spent more time at the sewing machine
 and doing hand sewing.
 Starting several projects at a time, 
making huge messes, 
then having to clean up in order to switch projects in mid-stream.

I finished making the small stuffies from Bryce Eleanor's drawings.  
These are from her latest drawings,
that I took my time before actually sewing them up.

Then I thought about how much she loves
little quilts and blankets for her menagerie,
and decided to transfer the drawings
to squares and applique them.

Oh, and I saw a free pattern on-line for a giraffe.
Perfect for using more of the felt.

Hand sewed and stuffed him while watching my K dramas.
Then on to another idea.

Found this satin scrap that I'd covered with cheesecloth
and quilted a few years ago.
Have a project in mind for this
that I'm going to work on tonight.

Must keep switching from one thing to another.
A little of this,
a little of that.


Good to hear from you!