Thursday, October 03, 2013

Sort Of "In Progress"...

These characters have been on my work table for about 6 weeks.
 Because I'm fickle and move from one project
to another whenever the mood strikes.

 The character below didn't work out the way I planned.
I put him aside to figure out what to do next.

 Maybe I'll figure it out soon.
The head is mounted on an old caster.
I used the rusty bed spring just to hold him upright.

Remember this pic from last year?
The Halloween projects that were never finished.
So they are on the agenda as well.

And I'm still playing with yarn.

A couple of days ago...

And I still have Bryce Eleanor's
drawings to finish up.

Above, a camel.
Below, a bird.

And, of course, reading
and watching Korean dramas.

I can weave, embroider, and stuff animals
while watching the dramas.

Staying busy with things I love.


  1. Love all, especially the dolls! Where'd you get that wonderful raven?

  2. Love your weaving, interesting technique. I feel sometimes it is a disadvantage to learn how to do things 'properly', I'm trying to unlearn quite a few things I have been taught about how to weave correctly.

  3. Connie - Thanks! I have gotten the ravens at Dollar Tree and at Michael's.

    Debbie - I don't believe I'd ever learn to operate a real loom or produce fine woven works, but I do love playing with yarns. :)

    Nancy - I love recess! And I spend more time at recess than at cleaning house.

  4. Love the dolls and the free weaving. Did you try weaving with B.E. yet?

  5. Thanks, Francoise! I made a little cardboard loom and started a weaving, but BE wasn't interested. I was a little disappointed, but it is another project to save for another time. :)


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