Wednesday, October 02, 2013


We have been getting plenty of rain, which is a good thing.

I'm continuing to play with the weaving, trying out different things.  Mostly, I enjoy the process: trying this and that with nothing much in mind.

This one is in progress.

I've finished two others that need to be tidied up
with all the pieces on the back tucked in.

Since it IS October (even if it doesn't feel like it with temperatures hovering around 89-90 degrees), I've been looking at fall recipes, especially for soups.

Black Bean Soup RecipeReading the comments about recipes is an added bonus because some of the substitutions people make sound better than the original recipe.  Love the suggestions made for this black bean soup recipe.
Garden-Fresh Asparagus Soup RecipeAnd I definitely want to try this asparagus soup recipe, which has curry powder, ginger, coconut milk, lemon, and potatoes in addition to the asparagus.
Time to begin anticipating Halloween.  Must get back to the clay and cloth and make some more Halloween figures.

There are at least two from last year that I never finished.


  1. Jenclair, those soups look really good! I can't believe October is here already! The weather here in Charlotte is wonderful-no rain here yet though.

  2. If you have the original Moosewood Cookbook, there's a killer recipe in it for Brazilian Black Bean soup. I make it several times every year.

  3. Sherri - It still seems a bit warm for soups, but I'm eagerly awaiting cooler weather!

    Connie - I don't have the Moosewood Cookbook, but I'll check on line for a Brazilian Black Bean Soup. I have a good recipe that I haven't made in a long time and need to locate it, too.

  4. Yesterday on my walk, I found a 'good stick'...and thought it weaveable...and thought of you!

  5. :) Sticks and stones--remember your post about naming stones?


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