Monday, October 28, 2013

Engagement Party

K-k-k-Katie's engagement party was so much fun.  
Beautiful arrangements and delicious food.  

I didn't remember to bring my camera, 
but remembered to bring Bryce Eleanor and most of her things.  
 Some of which we transferred to Amelia and Chris; 
some, however, remained in the car
and will have to be returned to her later.

Amelia took the above picture before everyone arrived, 
but evidently cameras were scarce on the ground, 
because I can't find many pictures to borrow.

Photo: Missing Mégan McDowell Carrigee!

Amelia, Katie, and Erin.  

Bryce Eleanor joined up with the other kids,
and they all had a great time.

Why didn't I remember my camera?!

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