Thursday, October 31, 2013

Black Sheep, White Sheep

Remember this scrap from the other day?
I decided to make a white sheep
to go with my black sheep.

Same pattern I made last year 
for the Christmas sheep,
but I added a gusset.

I pinned on some lace and silk bits,
then sewed them down.
Then some embroidery,
then some beads.

All done!

Little twiggy legs.

A good companion for the black sheep.

Black sheep is Halloween,
White sheep seems more suited to the winter season,
but the ribbon is easy to change
for spring or summer.


  1. so lovely the little bits of lace and embroidery
    it looks a very happy sheep

  2. Emmy - Thank you! I do hope she is a happy sheep. She may need a little lamb to keep her company!

    Connie - Thanks, Connie!


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