Thursday, September 12, 2013


Weaving has the same sort of meditative effect that embroidery does.  
I sort of zone out and experiment all at once--and time flies.

On Pinterest a while back, I saw a nature weaving on burlap
as a children's activity. 
 Then the other day, I glanced at my burlap ribbon and decided to give it a go. 
 It's different because it is so much smaller and has the wire 
in the side to help give it shape
 and make it very simple to hold in my hands. 

I can continue for as long as I want
on this piece
because I have nearly a whole roll of the ribbon! 

I'd still like to try the children's version with the grands
 and have them create a large nature weaving.
Maybe we will get around to it
on a fall visit.

Using some of the variety of yarns 
I've collected for one reason or another
is an added benefit.
Cotton, wool, acrylic,
twine, specialty, eyelash,
hand spun, and hand dyed.

I love yarns, but my self-taught
knitting skills are limited to
clumsy knit/purl efforts,
and I'm unable to force myself 
to do much better with counting
and consistency  in crochet.

So playing with branches 
and stones
and burlap
allow me to use some of the 
left-over yarn.
Oh, and buy more,
since I have a way to use them.


  1. Very nice! I love those blues. I like how even and consistent it is. Great job.

  2. Thanks, Marie! I like weaving on the burlap ribbon!


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