Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Morning

A while back, I posted 
the start of the weaving on burlap ribbon.
I never got around to posting
the finished strip of weaving.


This was a fun and easy project.

Bryce Eleanor came to spend the night 
on Saturday.
She made a bean mosaic
(I'd dyed the beans and macaroni
before she came).

She also drew some animals,
and I used my light box to transfer them to muslin.
Then WE sewed them up,
and I stuffed them.

 Isabella (above) was first.
Her "design" skills went down
after Isabella.

OOPS, I didn't take a picture of ducky,
and ducky was SO cute.

Some fun and spooky books for the Halloween season.
I've reviewed them all on my book blog.


  1. Love the burlap weaving -- what a perfect fabric to weave onto.

    And I simply adore BE's animals. I really think you should write an article for quilting arts on this -- seriously. What a terrific idea, turning a drawing into a stuffed animal!

  2. The burlap weaving looks good. Do you have special plans for it?
    What fun with BE! Love the horse.

  3. BE's animals are adorable. You should pick up some of the Crayola fabric crayons: she could just draw right onto the fabric, especially once she gets a bit older. I've turned children's art into quilt blocks, but I think I like this idea even more! Goodness knows it's faster. Mind if I borrow it the next time our little grands come?

  4. Love the weaving result!
    And the creative adventures you share with BE will be a forever bond and oodles of memories for you both :)

  5. Connie - BE loved her animals! I've made pillows and wall-hangings from Mila's drawings when she was this age, but they were embroidered.

    Suz - The burlap ribbon is a perfect canvas! So easy to hold in hand and yet keep straight.

    Mary - Oh, the Crayola fabric crayons--what a great idea! Your grands will probably love this, and I can't wait to see what they come up with!

    Nancy - That kid is an inspiration, and we do have fun. Hope she will have oodles of good memories from our adventures!

  6. I adore the weaving! It's gorgeous. BE's mosaic and animals are wonderful, too.

    Sorry I'm so late in commenting.

  7. Thanks, Marie! I am having so much fun with the weaving, and I've ordered more yarn--such beautiful handspuns at Etsy. B.E. drew me more animals to work on this weekend. :)


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