Monday, September 16, 2013

Dragon Boats and Art Doll

Three years ago, Fee and I decided to sponsor a team for the annual Dragon Boat Races.  Fee named the team Hotai (the happy Buddha) and the Foo Dogs.  Our son-in-law Chris Chandler  headed up the team and recruited members.  

They won their first year (green tees) and the second year (blue)  and again this year!
In this year's photo, Bryce Eleanor holds the trophy 
as she sits in Chris' lap, and Fee stands behind them.  
Go Foo Dogs!
Another art doll.

 For her top and turban,
I used eco dyed fabric scraps.
 For the skirt,
I used eco dyed scraps 
that I'd sewn together and embroidered
a couple of years ago.

Still working on some weaving.
I ordered a book from The Woolery 
to help improve my limited skills.

Learning to Weave

Boy, were they quick on delivery.

I haven't had a chance to begin it yet
because I'm so snowed under with ARCs.

I'm about caught up on reviews over at my book blog,
but have both ebook ARCs and hard copies in the TBR pile.

Have a great week!


  1. Congrats to Fee's team. We've talked about participating but there'd be no chance of winning because all the girls want in on the fun.

    That doll is cute! I love her dress. Does she have a name yet?

  2. Congrats on three years strong!! Love your doll's dress :)

  3. OH yes...I love how many I've seen weaving lately!

  4. Learning to Weave is a wonderful book -- I used to have it when I was weaving. Congrats on the race wins!

  5. Love your doll and her clothes, the skirt is beautiful

  6. Mary - The girls would have fun, and although it is fun to watch the crew when they win, everyone enjoys it!

    Nancy - Thanks! I loved doing the branch weavings and am having fun.
    Everything goes in cycles, especially with the sharing allowed by the internet!

    Connie - I hope the book will prove useful for the small stuff I'm playing with. Did you have a big loom?

    Debbie - Thanks! I was glad to use those scraps for something. :)


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