Monday, September 09, 2013

Coiled Fabric Baskets

When I saw artist Janet Abrams, coiled fabric baskets
I was charmed by the structures of the baskets
 and intrigued by the technique.  

Coiled fabric baskets have always interested me,
 but not as art.  
Yet Abrams takes the folksy, 
down-to-earth, sensible coiled basket
 and creates a kind of mythological sculpture.
(You have to read her explanation for this series.)
This one is not even fabric
(the fabric ones are very colorful),
but I like her choice of using 
dry cleaning bags and video tape
for this black and white piece.

I have cord,
and lots of fabric...

I decided to try one
using mostly eco-dyed
raw silk, silk chiffon, 
eco-dyed muslin,
one piece of batik,
and 3 different 

I thoroughly enjoyed the process,
but in retrospect,
I wish I'd use more colorful 
fabric scraps.

It's time-consuming--
 as you have to wrap the cord
before you even begin coiling the basket,
but wrapping the cord is perfect
for excusing time in front of the television
(or in my case, 
DramaFever and Netflix on the computer).

Next time, I'll go for 
a more colorful version.
Playing with the shape is fun,
and I'll definitely do more of that.


  1. Hey there! I was just thinking of you and that you haven't posted in a bit! And then, here you are with this way cool coiling! Following the link now...

  2. :) No, I haven't been very active for quite a while. I bet you will love Abrams' work!

  3. :) I really like Abrams' approach, and will probably try again--with a little more experience and brighter fabrics.


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