Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Weekend and the End of September

B.E. was back this weekend.  
I had planned crafts with leaves,
but that didn't happen.  

Instead, she did more drawings
that I am to make into stuffies,
played with the jar of junk jewelry 
Fee thought I might could use 
in my assemblage or mixed media projects,
and made me be the voice of the Zebra
in her animal fairy tales.

She adorned her stuffed animals with
 earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
She called them "successories."

She forgot her bag and had no pajamas,
so we took one of her drawings and 
used fabric to applique it on
one of my tee shirts that is too small.
The above creature is a Pegasus/Unicorn,
just in case you didn't know.

She also modeled the headbands
I made her this week.

And now I have plenty of leaf projects
for next time.

And I guess October begins on Tuesday.
September felt like summer,
maybe October will be better.



  1. How cute!! B.E. is getting so big!! She is beautiful! Glad you two had so much fun!! Great PJ's!!

  2. B.E. is a lot of fun, and she keeps me entertained!

  3. I love that smile.....those missing front teeth have me singing a Christmas tune. She is quite animated and so very lucky to have such a fun grandma. You should take a break and let her plan the weekends!

  4. :) I love that gap, too. She's playing some air guitar in one of the pictures as she listening to some music. Regardless of what I might have in mind, she does end up planning the activities!


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