Sunday, July 07, 2013

July 4th

The Fourth of July was quiet in the country.  
Fee was working in Texas, but Bryce Eleanor came for a visit.  
B.E. loves horse and brought two ponies and a zebra purse.
That the ponies are princesses
is evident from the way B.E. has them dressed.

We looked for the racoon and the deer I'd seen the other day.
  Not that I expected to find them,
but since she found it entertaining, 
we looked anyway. 
We did see (and chased a rabbit), when we didn't find it, 
we put carrots on the around the front porch,
 and waited to see if it would come for a snack. 
 I didn't find this particularly exciting, but B.E.  eagerly kept watch.  
Later, two carrots were missing, but we didn't catch sight of the bunny.

She still likes big boots.

B.E. and I came back to town on Friday.  
I'd spent ten days at the cabin and came home to find about several books had arrived.  Some were Advanced Reader Copies from publishers, 
but a couple I had ordered after reading about SOE
 (Special Operations Executive), 
the British service during WWII that had operatives 
behind enemy lines to aid resistance factions.  
I'll tell you more about that later, but courage always impresses me, 
and these men and women were brave beyond my imaginings.

I took photos of more of the branch weavings I did a couple of months ago. 
 Here is another one, with some detail pics.

I have several more to show you in the next few posts, 
but have no idea what to do with them.

Since I'm home for a  while, 
(and have been wanting to play with my clay)
I decided to work with some heads I made about 6 months ago
 and never decided what to with them.

I bought the vintage escutcheon in Hot Springs last year.
Someone had painted it an unpleasant gold, 
but I played around with it until it looked more like what I wanted,
and then added the head, made some arms, and included
a 1950's Barbie alarm clock.

I'm working on another head that was just hanging around,
but I also started work on a new one
because I wanted to use a fancy hinge,
(rusted, but still beautiful),
and none of the heads I'd already made would work with it.


  1. B.E. is growing up so much. Gotta love a little gal who loves horses :)
    I love the weaving so much. How did you warp it? Does B.E. weave with you?
    Enjoy your time at 'home'!

  2. BE is cute! I love your branch weavings. I think they'd look just swell in fun little places in the garden.... As always, I love your "head" projects!

  3. Nancy -- They grow so quickly! For the warp, I just wound the yarn around the v shape, moving up as I went. Nothing precise. Nope, I haven't done any weaving with B.E.--we hunt for animals, then make stories with her ponies. Exhausting! Time in the garden doesn't compare to being the voice of a pony.

    Steph -- Thanks! The weavings were fun to do; maybe they would discourage deer if I put them in the garden. :)


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